GEMS FOR STEPFAMILIES: Are you ready to move from Step-dating to Step-Parenting???

Seriously consider before committing to being the OTHER MOM in a relationship. A stepfamily begins due to a loss or absence of a parent.  Becoming a stepmom is a serious matter. The time to earnestly consider commitment is before it is legal or final.

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER:                                                                                                                                Am I ready to be, and probably remain, number two?

      Can I be the third wheel at school events, parent conferences, Mother’s Day or other holidays?

      Can I put the children first, not to the exclusion of my marriage, but for the needs of our child?

If you can’t say yes to such questions,  I suggest spending more time step-dating, seeing a marriage counselor or deciding if a stepfamily is for you.  Sometimes women do not consider such questions or they think, “I’ll change all this after I get married,” or “He’ll like me better when we are married.”  This is magical thinking if you believe things will get better because of marriage.

Lori shares her personal journey of Step-parenting in the chapter “The Other Mom” in my book BLENDING FAMILIES–The Honeymoon Comes Later.  Max Price, PhD

You can purchase this book from:

1. Tate Publishing. toll free 888-361-9473

2. Or the Author: B. Max Price, PhD, 5704 N.W 110th St., Oklahoma City OK 73162.

Send payment of $15. for autographed copy (postage included) and your mailing address.




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